5 Types of Vaping Devices 

When you first start vaping, one of the first things you must choose is the type of vaping device you want. And it’s not as easy as it would seem. There are a variety of vaping devices – from compact and sleek cigalikes that look just like real cigarettes to big, box mod vapes for frequent smokers. Are you uncertain which one of these is ideal for you? Let’s find that out today! 

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5 Types of Vaping Devices 

Here are the most common types of vaping devices you can choose from: 

1. Rechargeable E-cigarette  

The most common type of vaping device is a vape pen. Slightly thicker than a regular pen, vape pens are known to be compact, sleek and portable.  

If you are a frequent smoker looking for a quality vape pen, go for a rechargeable model. As the name suggests, these vaping devices come with a rechargeable battery and a charger, helping you use the same vape for years.  

Being rechargeable allows you to add and experiment with different vape juice flavours

2. Disposable E-cigarette 

If you want something simple to start with, try a disposable e-cigarette. It looks just like a rechargeable vape pen, with the same compact, pen-like sleek design the only difference is the battery is not rechargeable. You can take only a limited number of hits (200 to 400) from a disposable vape.  

On the brighter side, they are much easier to use. You don’t have to go through the hassle of charging, replacing old batteries or adding your vape juice. Everything will come preassembled. You need to turn on the power and take a drag from the mouthpiece. 

3. Cigalike  

Cigalikes are one of the first vaping devices introduced as an alternative to regular cigarettes. They look just like regular Winfield cigarettes with the same white and orange colour scheme. The only difference is they are powered by batteries instead of nicotine.  

Although cigalikes are still popular among new vapours, we don’t recommend them. They come with minimal battery life, and you don’t get to experiment a lot with many vape juice flavours. 

On the other hand, cigalike is a great option if you’re looking to switch over to vaping without too much difficulty. For people who habitually pick up a cigarette every few hours, cigalike will provide an easy transition.  

The volume of smoke you release, and the effort required to take a drag are comparable to tobacco cigarettes. It lessens your need for nicotine without endangering your health by deceiving your body into thinking you are smoking a cigarette 

4. Vape Pod 

Vape pods are similar to vape pens. The only difference is they come with a larger cartridge that is much easier to replace, allowing you to use the same vaping device for a longer time.  

These devices are perfect for both beginners and experienced smokers who can use them as primary or backup devices. In some vape pod models, the mouthpiece is moulded in a more convenient shape to easily fit into your mouth, providing you with a much more convenient vaping experience.  

Another benefit of using vape pods is despite their small sizes; they are quite powerful. You can reap the benefits of a portable, compact device without compromising on the quality of the vape. 

5. Vape Mods 

Vape mods are perfect for advanced smokers who love a powerful hit, huge vape clouds and frequent smoking sessions. These large devices have huge tanks, batteries and low resistance, giving you the perfect vaping experience. 

Vape mods are not for beginners but even if you are an experienced smoker, make sure you pair it with a nicotine-free vape juice. Since the strength of your vape juice will be too high in a vape mod, mixing it anything else may make it too unpleasant. 

Apart from these common vaping devices, you will also find advanced models like “Mech Vapes” that allow for higher customisation. But those are usually too expensive and not beginner friendly.  

Bottom Line  

Choosing the right vaping device is the first step to an ultimate experience. So make sure you carefully evaluate all the options you have at hand. The best part is that no matter what you choose, Ecchoice can help you get that delivered right to your doorstep.  

Need more help starting your vaping journey? Reach out to us and let our experts help you select the perfect products. 

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