How to Buy the Best Vaping Accessories?

The biggest thing people stress about once they start vaping is finding the right accessories. It’s not like cigarettes where you buy a pack, light it up and take a puff. The extra benefits and safety of vaping come with knowledge! So today we will share how you can buy the best vaping accessories and what you need to get started. 

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4 Vaping Accessories You Cannot go past  

Before we get to how you can find the best vaping accessories, let’s talk about the four must-have vaping accessories you cannot go past. 

1. Vape Coils 

Every electronic cigarette, whether disposable or reusable, comes with a vape coil responsible for vaporising the liquid. Depending on how frequently you vape, you might have to change it every few weeks. 

For beginners that do not want the hassle of changing coils, we recommend pod system vaping devices with replaceable pods. In these devices the coil is usually a part of the pod, so you don’t have to worry about buying and installing the coil separately. 

2. Glass Tanks 

Of course, you know that you will need a tank to hold your e-liquid – there’s nothing new there. But you need to know that you should only go for glass tanks. Many beginners looking for cheaper alternatives make the rookie mistake of using plastic tanks which ultimately ruins their experience in our opinion.  

Here’s why: 

● Plastic is more susceptible to damage induced by strong flavours. Since they are less durable, you might spend way more on frequent replacements.  

● Since plastic tanks might react with the liquid inside, it can slightly alter the taste of your vape juice.  

If you are looking for some quality vaping devices with glass tanks, check out our collection

3. Batteries & Chargers 

If you plan to vape frequently, you will need a reusable vaping device, quality batteries, and chargers. The most common ones are the 18650 size batteries. They are affordable, readily available and go with almost every type of vaping device.  

The best part is since these batteries are popular, they are also heavily tested. You don’t have to worry about battery-related device problems or safety concerns. 

4. Vape Tank Extensions & Adaptors 

Now this might not be an absolute necessity for beginners. Still tank extensions are a great investment if you are someone who vapes frequently.  

With the help of a vape adapter, these extensions grow tank capacity by at least 1ml. You might also find vape battery extenders that simply extend the charging capacity of your vaping device.  

All these accessories together ensure that you have a fun vaping experience without having to invest in a huge, high-capacity model. 

Along with these you need the three basic accessories: a drip tip (aka the mouthpiece), a simple vaping device and vape juice. Just as tobacco drives your Winfield cigarettes and Marlboro cigarettes, vape juices drive your e-cigs, they are indispensable. 

How to Find the Best Vaping Accessories  

Now that you know what accessories you will need to vape, let’s check out some expert tips on how to get the best deal.  

1. Go for Nicotine-free Products 

The first sign of a dependable vape store is 100% nicotine-free products. One of the biggest reasons people switch to vaping is to avoid the harmful effects of nicotine. So what good will it do if you consume the same toxins from a different source? 

For new smokers looking to quit tobacco through vaping, Ecchoice only offers safe and legal nicotine-free products.  

2. Check Online Reviews 

Most people like to do their vape accessory shopping online. You can also easily find online product reviews and customer testimonials to see if a brand is worth your time or not.  

Don’t just go for the reviews left on the brand’s website alone. Dig around a little and see what others have to say about them. 

3. Keep it Simple  

As we mentioned before, some people believe vaping isn’t as easy as smoking. So don’t complicate it with hi-tech accessories right from the beginning. Keep it simple with easy-to-use accessories.  

Just like rolled cigarettes are preferred over rolling from scratch with cigarettes or hemp paper, simple e-cigs are preferred over huge box mods. The easier it is to use, the more fun it is.  

Bottom Line 

A good vaping experience is half about finding the right products. Vaping certainly comes with a slight learning curve, but this guide is all you will need to get the most out of vaping without breaking your bank.  

If you are looking for quality products at a bargain, head to our store. Let us help you get out of the toxic cycle of cigarette papers, rolling papers and nicotine and have a fresh, safe start with vaping.  

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