4 Reasons – Why Vaping Is Better Than Chewing Tobacco  

Adelaide still has a high amount of chewing tobacco products. Addiction to any tobacco product, be it cigarettes or chewing tobacco without slim tobacco filters and rolling papers, is extremely hard to give up on. The good news is giving up on your nicotine addiction is now easier than ever with the wide variety of vaping products launched in recent years. After all with all the detrimental effects that chewing tobacco and tobacco based products can bring, why wouldn’t you choose a healthier alternative? If you are still conflicted, here are four reasons why vaping is much better than chewing tobacco.  

Once you do feel ready to try vaping, we have the perfect shop to buy your first set of products —Ecchoice. They are known for their wide variety of quality Smokemart vapes so that you can get going on your journey to quit nicotine easily – start your healthier lifestyle today.  

4 Reasons Why Vaping is Better Than Chewing Tobacco  

Nobody needs to be told that tobacco is bad for your health. But now that you have an alternative, let us show you what disasters could be avoided with one simple switch.  

1. Laced With Nicotine  

This is probably the biggest reason you must avoid tobacco in every form. Countless studies link tobacco use to cancer, heart diseases, lung diseases, diabetes, and other life-threatening conditions. The few get to be heavy smokers and manage to live long lives, we’re not here to be your mum, we want you to consider alternatives and pivot when you have other options available on the table. 

Vaping replicates the sensation of smoking, which makes you feel closer to your favourite addiction without being exposed to the harmful effects of nicotine. To make it even more interesting, we also offer a wide range of flavoured vape juice.  

2. Can Stain Your Teeth 

We all know about tobacco’s side effects. Smokers have gotten so used to it that the threat of lung cancer or heart disease doesn’t bother them anymore. But let us talk about something that might raise concern.  

Chewing tobacco can slowly turn your teeth yellow and leave long-lasting stains. Since the enamel (the topmost layer of your teeth) is porous, it traps the nicotine inside, making your teeth look stained.  

And unlike cancer or heart diseases that may or may not happen due to tobacco, stained teeth are unavoidable, and you will start noticing the change within the first two months. You may also see it on your fingers. 

On the other hand, if you pick a vaping device, you get the same sensation without risking your teeth.   

3. Unpleasant Smell Lingers For a Long Time 

You might not worry about the long-term effects of chewing tobacco, especially if you keep telling yourself that you will quit before things get worse. But have you ever considered the fact that the side effects of tobacco might be instant? That’s right. It might be years before it affects your health from tobacco abuse or a month before your teeth start staining. But the odour of tobacco will linger in your mouth and worse on your body for a long time, right after the first use.  

Imagine you carry the body odour of tobacco everywhere you go on your clothes and leave a questionable impression on people you meet. Why risk your reputation when you can enjoy your guilty pleasure with vape pens and our diverse collection of exotic, flavoured vape juice

4. Leads to Hairy Tongue 

Sure you enjoy your frequent hits of chewing tobacco with or without tobacco filters. But do you like it enough to give up on every other food in the world? Long-term tobacco chewing and smoking can lead to an oral infection known as a black hairy tongue. 

It’s a temporary condition that gives your tongue a dark and furry look as if a bunch of short hair grew straight out of the back of your tongue. This condition isn’t hazardous, but it alters your taste buds making everything taste bland and metallic.  

On top of that, think of the impression you will leave if you flash a black hairy tongue every time you open your mouth to speak.  

If you don’t want to give up on your favourite food to enjoy chewing tobacco, switch to vaping today

Bottom Line 

Switching to vaping won’t happen overnight. You don’t have to quit immediately, but make sure you take the first step today by ditching rolling papers, tobacco and slim tobacco filters and finding the best Smokemart vape in Adelaide to transform your life.  

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