Things to avoid when buying vape products the first time

Vaping is a whole new world. Unlike cigarettes, it’s not as easy as buying a pack, lighting one and taking a drag. Shopping for your first vape product is also overwhelming. While you will certainly do and learn gradually, here is a quick guide to saving you from some rookie mistakes. 

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Things to Avoid When Buying Your First Vaping Products

Here are a few things you need to be careful about when you head out to buy your first vape and vaping accessories.

1. Ditch the nicotine 

Whether transitioning from cigarettes or simply starting your smoking journey with e-cigs, nicotine is your forever enemy. Not only does it leave detrimental side effects on your health, but a nicotine-laced vape can also land you in legal trouble if caught.

You might feel that nicotine makes the experience more enjoyable, but in reality, it tricks your mind and hormones into believing you are having a good time.

To be safer, only shop from stores like Ecchoice that only deal with 100% nicotine-free products. Otherwise, you will either accidentally buy the wrong product or worry about the authenticity of your nicotine-free vaping items. 

2. Invest wisely

Since vaping provides way too many options up front, it’s easy to get over-excited and invest in things you will not need for a while. For instance, if you have a knack for collecting tobacco accessories Australia, you will be easily tempted by vintage ashtrays for sale. 

Similarly, you might be tempted to get the whole set-up with a box mod vape typically used by vaping experts. 

You will certainly buy tobacco accessories Australia and box mods, but since the initial cost of vaping is slightly higher, it’s best to invest in things you need. It’s best to start with a simple vape pen and flavoured vape

3. Listen to the coil while setting the wattage

Wattage is simply the power at which the electricity will flow through your coil and vaporise the e-juice. The wattage you chose will also affect the density of the smoke and its strength. While every smoker has different power preferences and every device has its limit, ultimately, it’s best to listen to the coil instructions alone.

The label of your coil will tell you what wattage gets the most out of the coil so that you enjoy all the flavours to the fullest and maintain the coil well simultaneously. 

4. Try to extend the battery life

While buying a vape pen with long battery life is important, it is equally important to charge them at proper intervals to protect the battery from premature damage. For example, undercharging your device will reduce its vaporising capacity and permanently weaken the vape battery over time. 

On the other hand, if you overcharge your device, it will reduce its capacity, and your device will start draining the charge a lot faster. 

Cheap vape pens might even malfunction on overheating from extra charge. Thankfully, that’s not something you have to worry about with us. 

That’s why at Ecchoice, we only sell products that have been thoroughly tested and deemed safe for use by our experts. Check out our vaping devices and juices today!

5. Don’t buy from an unknown source. 

Anytime you want to try a new flavoured vaping juice, make sure you find a store like Ecchoice to shop from. 

There are way too many shady shops all around Australia that might not add nicotine to their flavoured vapes but makes it a hundred times more harmful by adding other toxic ingredients to keep the prices low. 

If you want to stay away from legal messes and avoid health complications, only buy your vaping juice from reliable vape stores with a visible online presence and transparent product listings.

Bottom Line 

There is no doubt that vaping is more beneficial than regular cigarettes. The latter is a safer alternative even if you compare the best cigarettes with vaping. Moreover, comparing the cheapest cigarettes with vaping is more affordable in the long run. In every aspect, vaping is the ultimate winner. 

So if you can make it through the first few overwhelming stages of vaping, which should not be too difficult with our guide, a lifetime of safe, affordable and enjoyable smoking experience is awaiting you. Grab this guide and head to our store to buy your first vaping kit!

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