Battery Safety for Vaporisers and Why You Should Care!

Battery safety is really important when you use your vaporiser because the way you use your device could cause you serious harm! We’re here to provide you with the information you need to use your devices safely!

It’s coming to the end of 2016 and we simply can’t escape the use of batteries! If anything we are more dependent on them now more than ever. The reasons why we use them is because of their portable power, allowing us to use our phones, tablets, laptops and any other device, including your vaporisers. These batteries are designed specifically for every device you use them in. Take watch batteries for example, they are designed for long continuous discharge. Your laptop batteries require enough power for all its components.

Vaporiser’s use a lot of power in short bursts, so many of the batteries are designed especially for this purpose! However, despite being designed for specific purposes, everything (including batteries) has their limit. When you push a battery past its limits it can become dangerous for you, which is why we’re here to help you prevent any dangers!

Battery safety is something that everyone should consider. Just look at the recent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for reasons why you should care!

Multi-Cell Vaporisers

The latest mods and vaporisers will often have multiple removable 18650 batteries. Most will have two, while some of the most powerful have three. There are specific principals that should be followed when using multi-cell devices.

You should use sets of batteries when using multi-cell devices. This means that you may have two or three sets of batteries that you use. One set could be in your vaporiser, another can be kept spare on you and the third could be charging. For each set make sure you buy the same brand and model. To ensure you don’t mix the batteries by mistake, mark them with a permanent text. This ensures that the sets of batteries have exactly the same histories of use. The reason why this is important as it helps to improve the battery efficiency and capacity. If any battery within a set of batteries has a lower state of charge, this results in limiting the capacity of all the other in that set to the lowest charged. Using different brand and models for different sets is fine, so long as within a set of batteries the brand, model and use history is the same.

Battery circuits have two different possibilities for you to run the batteries. You can choose to run them in series or in parallel resulting in different results.

Batteries in Series

Batteries you put in series in your vaporiser double the voltage that is applied to the circuit. If you have two identical batteries, such as the LG HG2 with a Nominal Capacity of 3000mAh, a Nominal Voltage of 3.6V and a Maximum Continuous Discharge of 20A, and you put them in series this means that combined they represent a cell with a Capacity of 6000mAh 7.2 Volts and a Maximum Continuous Discharge of 20A.

Batteries in Parallel

Putting your batteries in parallel (assuming the exact same model) will add the capacities together while also adding the maximum continuous draw. Using the LG HG2 again, combining them will result in a total Capacity of 6000mAh, a maximum continuous discharge of 40A and the nominal voltage of the batteries will remain the same at 3.6V. (Note: if the batteries aren’t the same, then the lower of the two maximum continuous discharge values are used).

How does this affect my use?

Firstly, make sure you use Ohm’s law to know how much current will be drawn in your circuit. Next, you should find out whether your mod is wired in series or parallel. If your mod is wired in series, double the current drawn from your ohm’s law calculation. If your mod is wired in parallel, ensure that your current from your Ohm’s law calculation is less than the new maximum continuous discharge.

If you’re into DIY builds then you should build differently for different types of circuits. If you’re building for series, than your target resistance for your coil build should be significantly higher than what it would be for a parallel circuit. See below for the mathematical derivation of the following fact; if your targeting the exact same amp draw for a parallel circuit and a series circuit, then the resistance of your series coil will need to be four times as much as your parallel.

Let's do the Math

Ohms law states that: I = V/R

Let us label the Parallel Circuit as 1 and the Series Circuit as 2.
Therefore: Parallel is I(1) = V(1)/R(1) and Series is I(2)=V(2)/R(2)

As previously discussed, we know that in series the current draw is double and we want the same current to pass through both circuits.
therefore I(1)=2*I(2)
We also know that the voltage in series is going to be double that of the parallel,
therefore V(2) = 2*V(1)

Now, lets substitute.

As I(1)=2*I(2), then V(1)/R(1)=2*(V(2)/R(2))
As V(2) = 2*V(1), then V(1)/R(1)=2*(2*V(1)/R(2))

Therefore,  V(1)/R(1) = 4* (V(1)/R(2))
Therefore, R(2)=4*R(1)V(1)/(V(1) and the voltages cancel,
Hence R(2) = 4 * R(1)

Vaporiser and Battery Safety, What You Can Do.

There are many different points that need to be made about batteries to ensure their safe you. First we’ll talk about some of the general safety guides to follow. Then we’ll talk about some of the more specific points.

Handling Damage to Batteries

You need to try to handle your battery with care. Each battery only has a certain amount of protection on it so you do damage it, play it safe and buy a new one. Any damage you’ve caused could potentially leave it unusable at best or as a hazard at worst. If you puncture the protective casing of the battery it may vent gas. Even though the batteries are specifically designed to vent gas if something goes wrong, it is still not wanted. Avoid breathing in any of the fumes that are emitted from the battery if venting occurs. If you feel that enough damage may have been caused, put the battery in a metal container that is not sealed and place it outside. This means that the gases can safely be released and if anything else was to happen, it is in a safe enclosure.

Charging with a Cable

Charge your mod with the cable that it came with. All cables aren’t made equal and it is more than likely that the cable that came with your mod was specifically chosen to charge your mod. Each battery has specific characteristics that must not be exceed as damage can result if this occurs. Each cable is generally rated to draw a specific amount of power and transfer this to your mod. The battery within the mod is only rated to recharge at a specific rate. If your mod didn’t come with a cable, use a standard micro USB cable and charger. You should try to avoid chargers that advertise fast charging times, because these could over load your battery, causing to it over heat (see Heat Exposure).

Heat Exposure

Have you ever warmed up a container that was fully enclosed? You probably noticed how the lid popped off, letting the warm air out. This is the pressure that was contained within the container escaping. The same things happen for batteries if they get too hot, which is why heat needs to be avoided as much as possible. Not only can heat cause your battery to over pressurise and de-gas, heat will change the internal chemistry of your battery. When your chemistry of your battery changes, it can change the life of your battery and any of its other properties. Try to avoid leaving your vaporiser in hot cars or in direct sunlight to help minimise the impact. Also make sure you use Ohm’s law to ensure your battery does not over draw power because this causes over heating as well.

In Conclusion

As much as there is cause for caution, if you follow some simple guidelines for battery safety you will no doubt vape safely. You should always check your current draw using Ohm’s law and then compare it with the maximum continuous discharge of your battery. Look after your batteries and vaporiser – don’t drop them and if you think that your batteries are damaged, just replace them. If your mod uses the 18650 batteries, make sure you use an external charger.

If in doubt, contact us for some assistance 🙂

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