AGV Styling Wax Strong 150 ml blue


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Excellent at controlling frizz for a smooth glossy finish. Goes on smoothly adds a natural gloss to your hair to produce a movable texture for a casual look. Create a sophisticated look that exudes style and confidence.

Provides both holding power and freedom to create hair that moves hair how you like while holding it?s shape. Also allows you to keep your hair?s natural style without all the heaviness.

Extra forgiving, able to rework your hair without losing texture to achieve a bedhead look. Water based formula allows for easy to wash out. Start with a fingertip amount of paste and work into hair ? a little goes a long way. Add more product gradually until desired look is achieved.

Ideal for short to mid-length hair.


AGV brings you a full selection of hair styling products help you achieve your desired look. Our high quality products are designed to create looks the way you want. Features a unique shaped tub for easy non-slip stacking.


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