How to Use & Maintain a Reusable E-cigarette at Home

How to Use & Maintain a Reusable E-cigarette at Home

If you have recently ditched your Winfield cigarettes for electronic cigarettes, you might already know that reusable e cigarette take time to adjust. You need to learn to refill them, recharge the batteries, and take good care of the electronic cigarette accessories. We have created this comprehensive guide to help you get started on your journey with reusable electronic cigarettes.

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How to Use and Maintain A Reusable Electronic Cigarette

Unlike disposable cigarettes that are compact, reusable cigarettes can be disassembled. That is why there are a few extra things to learn when you switch to rechargeable e-cigarettes from regular Winfield cigarettes.

So here are three basic reusable cigarette processes you must know about:

1. How to Refill a Reusable Cigarette

Since rechargeable cigarettes are meant for long-term use, it is natural that the pre-filled liquid will run out at one point, and you will have to refill the tank yourself.

So here is a quick guide to filling reusable cigarettes for first-timers:

1. Start by disassembling the vaping device from the base airflow component and removing the coil.

2. Next, hold the coil horizontally between your thumb and fingers and pour one drop of liquid on each of its cotton holes. There would be approximately six cotton holes to be filled, preparing the coil for the new liquid and enhancing its durability.

3. Once the coil is ready, unscrew the mouthpiece and top part to reveal the tank inlet. Wipe it clean if you are planning to change flavours. If you are looking for exotic new flavours, check out our fruity vape juices.

4. Get your e-liquid dropper and pour in the vape juice until it reaches the pre-marked hash line. Make sure your e-liquid never crosses the maximum limit restriction. Also, while pouring in the vape juice, avoid getting any drops into the centre tube. That is the airway of the vaping device, and you do not want to clog it.

5. Screw everything back in place and wait for at least 2-3 minutes before you start vaping again.

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2. How to Change the Coil of Your Reusable Vape

Like your vape juice, the coil of your vaping device also requires periodic replacements. Although our electronic cigarettes are made of high-quality materials tailored to stand the test of time, chain vaping or vaping at extreme high wattage can burn your vape’s coil, bringing down the taste of the liquid and efficiency of the device.

To change the vape coil at home, follow these four simple steps:

1. Start by unscrewing the device. It is important to note here that different models have different disassembling processes. Luckily, most of our products come with detailed operating manuals with every assistance and resource you will ever need.

2. Once you spot the coil inside the device, carefully unscrew it and pull it out. In case you have not cleaned it in a long time, it will be covered with dirt and grime. It is best if you use gloves to handle it.

3. Next, get a new coil for your vaping device and pour a drop of your e-liquid on each of its cotton holds. This will protect your coil from massive voltage shock when you first turn on the device and minimise the chances of another burnout. Give it some time to absorb the liquid and then carefully place it back into your device.

4. Seal everything back securely and test the device to look out for potential leakage or burns before you actually start using the product.

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3. How To Clean Your Vaping Device

Reusable vaping devices are designed for the long run. Hence, they need periodic cleaning to keep going. Here is how you can clean each component of your e-cig:

1. Tank: Disassemble the tank parts and soak them in warm water before wiping off the dirt and grime with a clean cloth. For better cleaning, you can also use non-flavoured vodka.

2. Coils: Coils can be cleaned with a clean cloth dipped in alcohol or warm water. But usually, once a coil goes bad, you have no other option but to replace it.

3. Battery: Never use any liquid to clean your vape batteries. Soft tissue papers or cotton buds will be enough to wipe off the dirt.

Final Thoughts

Reusable vapes are perfect for seasoned smokers. After all, if you smoke frequently, disposable vapes are not the most cost-effective solution.

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