Everything You Need to Know About E-cigarettes: Benefits, Uses and Cost

Everything You Need to Know About E-cigarettes: Benefits, Uses and Cost

E-cigarettes are highly popular among adults who are trying to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. Unlike regular cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are battery-operated and generally do not contain harmful substances like nicotine.

They are smoked in the same fashion as regular cigarettes, however the mechanism behind smoke generation is vastly different. Before starting your vaping journey, you need to know everything about e-cigs and vape e-liquid, including their benefits, uses and cost.

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How Does an E-cigarette Work?

An E-cigarettes comprises of:

●A battery

●Vape coil

●A tank


The tank acts as a container that holds the e-liquid. The battery produces the energy required to heat the vape coil, which is dipped in vape juice. The heat running through the coil vaporises the liquid and turns it into smoke.

All that you need to do is press and hold the activation button for the entire process to start. It only takes a few seconds for the smoke to be generated which you can then inhale from the mouthpiece.

At Ecchoice, we believe in educating our customers along with providing them with quality vaping products. Our detailed guide and informative pieces from the industry will guide you on your vaping journey, especially if you don’t want to buy tobacco accessories Australia.

Benefits of Using an Electronic Cigarette

Smokers who are addicted to nicotine-based traditional cigarettes find it impossible to quit smoking. However if you gradually reduce your nicotine intake and replace it with a safer alternative, you will have a better chance of beating this addiction.

Whether you are a smoker trying to quit or simply looking for a safer alternative, electronic cigarettes are the perfect solution in either case.

With our e-cigarettes, you get the exact feel and experience of smoking a cigarette without the harmful side effects. After all we all know that smoking tobacco is the number one cause of lung disease and cancer.

Please note – Ecchoice takes extra precautions in our service and delivery to ensure that only adults of legal age get access to our vaping products.

Risks to Look Out for While Using an Electronic Cigarette

Despite the benefits of using an electronic cigarette, make sure you look out for these two potential risks for a safer experience.

1. Addiction Prevention

Even though e-cigarettes and vaping are less detrimental to your health, nothing in excess can be healthy in the long run. Our e-cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes, but stick to Australian guidelines when vaping.

2. Battery Explosion

Although an explosion is very rare, they are usually caused by a faulty battery. Despite the slim chances, in case it does explode, the smoker will be severely injured. That’s why it’s important that you avoid low-quality vaping devices from unbranded shops.

We employ advanced technology mixed with our industry expertise to ensure that only the best products that are 100% safe to use go out to our customers. With e-cigarettes from Ecchoice, you never have to worry about a faulty battery.

Cost of E-cigarettes and E-liquids

The average cost of a disposable e-cigarette can range anywhere from $10 to $ 45. The cost for reusable e-cigarettes is much higher and can go up to $100. The price will go up even more if you choose high-end brands.

We are best-known across Australia for our competitive pricing. The cost of our e-cigarettes ranges from $19.95 to $89.95 so that people with any budget can find the perfect vaping partner.

Speaking of e-liquids, our extensive range of flavourful vape juices start as low as $19.95 and are available in multiple fruity flavours, including grape, blueberry, watermelon, strawberry etc.

Are E-cigarettes Legal?

The legality of e-cigarettes is a highly subjective issue. In Australia, the laws associated with e-cigarettes have been revised recently. Now smokers can only buy nicotine e-cigarette and e-liquids through a medical prescription that confirms they will strictly vape for health reasons.

Final Thoughts

For every smoker out there, electronic cigarettes area healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes and reducing your dependency.

However at Ecchoice, we guarantee to make the transition smoother for you with exceptional quality products and mind-blowing service. Click here to open our website or reach out to us with a query on enquiries@ecchoice.com.au or call us on +61 474 478 811.

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