6 Types of E-cigarettes we think you Should Try

6 Types of E-cigarettes We Think You Should Try

Unlike regular cigarettes and rollies, e-cigarettes come with a lot more choices. Starting from countless fruity flavours to multiple device models, the options are never-ending. As a first-timer, you might not be sure of the perfect e-cig for you. So today, we will talk about the six types of electronic cigarettes to see which one may work best.

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6 Types of E-cigarettes

Depending on the build and use, here are the six types of electronic cigarettes you need to know about.

Based on Use

1. Disposable E-cigarettes

Disposable e-cigs are highly recommended for beginners. As the name suggests, these e-cigs come with a pre-filled e-liquid. You get about 400 puffs from each disposable e-cigarette. Once the liquid is used up, simply dispose of the device and get a new one.

You do not need to worry about assembling the components or charging them. Simply press the button and get ready to vape. You can check out our electronic cigarette collection here.

2. Reusable E-cigarettes

Reusable vapes are best for experienced smokers who frequently vape. These devices consist of a coil, tank, battery and e-juice. Each of these parts can be removed, replaced and assembled as needed.

Ditch the harmful tobacco rollies and switch to a safe rechargeable e-cig with our delicious e-juices. Our rechargeable e-cigs come in a variety of colours and are designed to stand the test of time. Just remember to pair it with a quality electronic cigarettes charger Adelaide.

Based on Model

Whether you want a quick puff during working hours or long, slow drags on a Saturday night, each requirement calls for a specific type of electronic cigarette.

1. Vape Pens

If you want to take a few discreet puffs every now and then, a vape pen is your ideal device. Consisting of an atomiser, tank and battery, the size of a vape pen ranges from that of a cigalike to a slim writing pen.

For mouth to lung vaping, make sure you pick a 1-ohm atomiser. Otherwise you may want to go for direct lung vaping, choose a lower resistance atomiser. Although at a slightly higher price point you can find a cheap deal here at Ecchoice.

2. Vape Pods

If you want stronger drags, you should definitely go for a vape pod. A relatively new product in the market, they quickly surpassed the popularity of cigalikes by offering a better experience.

It consists of a replaceable pod that holds the e-liquid and the atomiser. If you ever need to replace the pod, you can easily switch with a regular magnet-based pod. The magnet mechanism will minimise fitting issuesif any.

Vape pods produce a much higher voltage than cigalikes, which helps them produce more potent vapes. However, their batteries aren’t designed for the long run. This isn’t really a device we think you want to carry around.

If you are just beginning your vaping journey, this vape pod kit is the perfect starter pack.

3. Box Mod

Vape pens, pods and cigalikes can all be perfect for quick puffs. However, if you want to have the ultimate vaping experience on a lazy night with no limit on time, you should try a box mod.

These vaping devices have several features to help you customise your vaping experience. For example, some devices come with a temperature setting feature to control the heat and prevent your vape juice from drying up.

Depending on the model, it can come in the shape of a box or a large cylinder. The larger the device is, the higher the vape volume. For the best experience, make sure you pair up your box mod with a fruity, tasteful vape juice.

4. Cigalike

Not the best of the lot, but if you want an e-cigarette that looks just like a traditional cigarette, then go for a cigalike. They are easy to assemble with only two parts- battery and cartomiser.

Most cigalike come with an air-sensor that automatically turns on the device when you take a drag. Once the resistance wire heats up enough, it vaporises the e-liquid.

Just invest in good electronic cigarettes chargers Adelaide, and you will be good to go for 6 to 8 months.

Final Thoughts

The key to buying cheap cigarettes Adelaide without compromising on the experience or service is partnering with a reliable brand. Ecchoice being a fast-growing vaping store, is always ahead of the latest trends in the vaping industry. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced smoker, all your needs are met at Ecchoice.

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